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Google My Business Listing

One of the fastest ways to start attracting new clients is to focus on Local Search Marketing.

Local search results are the results that show up above the normal search results on Google.

Let’s look at an example.

Suppose I type ‘Massage Fremantle’ into Google – this is what I see:

That business listed at the top there Fremantle Massage Therapy – that’s my business! And being listed in that position is worth a lot of money because it brings me lots of customers each and every week.

As you can see, Google has realised that you are searching for a specific service “massage” in a specific location “fremantle”.

Google only chooses 3 businesses to display that it thinks are likely to fulfil your ‘search intent’

The people making these types of searches on Google are usually ready to purchase.

If you can show up here, then you will get more leads and sales and that’s what you really need.

One of the first goals for your business should be to show up here.

And that’s what this lesson is all about.

In order to have any chance of showing up in these results, you must get your business listed.

So, let’s jump in and get something done!

Action Steps:

1. Go to

2. Click the ‘Manage Now’ button

3. Login to your Google account (if you don’t have one you will need to create on)

4. Enter your business details starting with the Business Name

Tip: If your business name is just your own name make sure to add your service and location to the name as well.

For example, my name is Oak McIlwain but rather than entering just

“Oak McIlwain”

It would be much better to enter the following:

“Oak McIlwain – Remedial Massage Fremantle”

This is very important as it clearly shows the person searching for you what you do and where you do it.

5. Fill in the rest of the business details as accurately and completely as possible.

Tip: In future lessons, you will be adding your business to other websites such as Yelp and Facebook.

It’s important that your business details are exactly the same on all your listings.

The most important ones to keep the same are the Name, Address, Phone Number and Website.