Why Should I Commit to a Monthly Massage?

Apart from feeling amazing here are the other benefits:

  • Get the Discounted Rate of $89 for a full hour of massage per month.
  • Want to Come in More Than Once a Month? You’ll get the discounted rate.
  • And My Family? Anyone living with you also gets the discounted rate.
  • Want to Buy Someone a Gift Voucher? You’ll still get the discounted rate!
  • Cancel Anytime – It’s a no lock in contract. Just notify use and we’ll cancel. Simple.
  • What About My Private Health Claim? Yes, you can still have your claim.

Like most things in life – massage works best if it’s a regular part of your lifestyle.

If you go for one jog – can you expect to be fit?

No, of course not.

But if you jog regularly you will certainly become fit.

If you eat one salad – can you expect to transform your health?

Certainly not.

But if you regularly eat healthy food you are sure to transform your health.

Likewise, if you have one massage – will your body be free of knots, aches and pain?

Not likely.

But if you have a massage once a month those tensions will surely melt away!